Sunday Assembly 5 June 2022: How politics can help you live better (!)

Sunday Assembly 5 June 2022: How politics can help you live better (!)

Our June assembly is on an apparently unlikely theme: how politics can help you live better! Our guest speaker is educator and campaign coach Titus Alexander, He writes:

Even if you are not interested in politics, politics is interested in you. For one thing, the state is probably your biggest area of expenditure over a lifetime apart from your home. It has a huge impact on every area of your life and politicians decide how to spend it for you. This talk will explore ways you can make politics work better for you, as well as offering a few tips on everyday politics of the workplace, family and neighbourhood.”

Titus is an independent scholar, writer, campaign coach and Fellow of the Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics. He has worked on climate issues since before CoP1 in Berlin in 1995 and with Action for a Global Climate Community for an EU-India initiative. His latest book is Practical Politics: Lessons in Power and Democracy, on teaching democratic politics.

There will also be our usual mix of songs to sing (with the house band), poems, reflections, chats, engagement and tea. Join Edinburgh’s ‘secular congregation’ as we celebrate life in a non-religious way and strive to help each other Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More.

The assembly is at Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street, Stockbridge EH4 1JB. 11.30am on Sunday 5th June 2022 for about an hour or so, free to join, all welcome, family and dog friendly.

We will once again be streaming the event on Zoom, this time with better sound. Register for the livestream at…/tJUuc-Cgrj8rHNM24RG9ookmE…. (Those already registered for our Zoom channel will get an automatic reminder.)