Sunday Assembly 7th February 2021 – Castle Hunting

Sunday Assembly 7th February 2021 – Castle Hunting

We’re very excited to welcome ‘Castle Hunter’ David Weinczok for our February assembly. David is a Canadian-born ‘New Scot’ who is obsessed with exploring Scotland’s historic landscapes, having visited over 400 castles to date. He regularly writes for The Scots Magazine and The Scottish Banner, has written a book about the ways that Scottish history inspired Game of Thrones. His website is

David hopes to encourage anyone with physical and mental health issues (and anyone else) to foster health through engagement with historic sites, and will talk about ‘There’s Treasure Everywhere’. He writes:

“There’s treasure everywhere!” This line from Calvin and Hobbes is perhaps more relevant than ever before. Stuck at home and in our immediate surroundings, we might feel that there is little wonder left. David doesn’t see it that way. This talk considers how we can care for our mental and physical health while exercising our imaginations by exploring local historic sites, of which Edinburgh has countless of all shapes and sizes. David’s own experience of mental health and seeking historic wonders across Scotland is applied to the hyper-local in this discussion of how we can reconnect with wonder in our own backyards. By the end, you’ll be brimming with ideas for places to safely explore ranging from woodland walks that inspired Scotland’s most famous writers to a set of extraordinary standing stones where planes soar overhead.”

There will also be our usual collection of songs to sing along with (and join in with in the privacy of your own home!), poems to enjoy, and folk to have a wee blether. Sunday Assembly is the city’s ‘secular congregation; we meet to celebrate life, and strive to live better, help often and wonder more.

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