Sunday Assembly 1 March: Reflective Reading

Sunday Assembly 1 March: Reflective Reading

Do we read too much, too fast and too mindlessly? That’s the question posed by our guest speaker Daphne Loads (an expert in learning and teaching from the University of Edinburgh) at this month’s meeting of the ‘secular congregation’. She writes:

“How do you read? Drowning in neverending email? Rapidly devouring whodunnits, then immediately forgetting them? Perhaps you are seduced by clickbait or read the news and get depressed? The ways we read today are often unhealthy. But there is another way. Medieval monks used to read slowly, with body, heart and soul.”

This promises to be a fascinating session about mindful and reflective reading, a long tradition which has fallen out of the mainstream. We will also have our usual mix of songs to sing along with, poems to hear, time to reflect and cake to eat.

We will be continuing our post-assembly Community Circle where we discuss community action to help ourselves, each other and the world. All welcome to join in! Family and dog friendly, fun and free to attend (donations appreciated). Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More.

It’s all at the usual venue: Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne St, Stockbridge EG4 1JB.

We are also on Meetup and Facebook, where you can register that you’re joining us for this event. Please do that if you can.